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4 Tips That Your VA Can Do To Keep You Organized!

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Nov 25, 2021
As most businesses have gone online, you were given a great opportunity to run and grow your business within the comfort of your own home. Doing everything online as we said goodbye to the “in-person” meetings – your home became your office.

Running and managing an online business could be exhausting, and so is organizing things for your business. That is why hiring a virtual assistant to be your right hand is essential. A VA may be on the far side of the world or close to home, all the while being able to help you keep track of all your various “to-dos”. This may include your personal or professional life. But how could a VA organize your business?

Here are 4 tips that your VA can do to keep you and your business organized!


  1. Manage your emails

Imagine getting tons of emails every day and reading them one by one. How much time do you think it will take you to read all of them? A few minutes? An hour? Maybe a few hours? It is tiring, isn’t it?

Reading emails takes much of your time and makes us feel overwhelmed. But, worry no more! You can hire a VA to help you manage your inbox, thus saving time and energy.

But how?

You can either share your log-in details with your VA or find a platform that enables you to forward emails to your VA directly. Then, your VA can create folders, labels, and categories, then organize the emails received accordingly. Some platforms allow the creation of rules to categorize emails automatically. That way, it will save you the hassle of determining which emails are relevant and which are not.


  1. Manage your calendars

Are you someone who keeps out of track when things get busier? Do you need to be reminded of the upcoming meetings or events? No one wants to miss a crucial meeting or event. So, a VA can help you manage your calendar.

Your VA can schedule appointments and set up and arrange the location of the meetings. With that, you will no longer worry about getting late or missing a meeting or event because you will constantly be reminded ahead of time.

Whether in your professional or personal life, it is essential to keep your calendar properly organized. This enables you to keep track of your time and maximize productivity.


  1. Manage Social Media Outlets

Your virtual assistant can also be your social media manager. It is always best to hire a VA to manage your accounts, especially if you have a variety of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Social media is a piece of a business marketing strategy. The social media platform is a channel that helps you easily connect with your customers, increases business awareness, and boosts your leads and sales.

As a social media manager, your VA is responsible for planning various strategies for marketing your business, creating creative content, and engaging and communicating with audiences or followers on behalf of the company.


  1. Client and Customer Service

A VA can bridge your business and your clients or customers. Your VA will be responsible for creating positive interactions with your customers or clients, answering inquiries through calls or emails, and providing quality assistance in their entire journey. In addition, your VA ensures that your clients and customers are satisfied to keep them using your services or products.

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