A great customer service team doesn’t need to be in-house.

It just needs to be amazing!


of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.


of customers say the experience a company provides is just as necessary as its products or services.


Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%

Importance of Sendme Task Customer Service

Delivering great customer service by phone might look like engaging in active listening or highlighting understanding. Or, maybe it’s just being courteous and calling the customer by name. Or maybe it’s being proactive and straightforward. Or, maybe it’s all of the above.

What’s important is that as a business owner you take the time to always go the extra mile for your customers. When you practice a customer-first methodology in your business, you will increase sales, retain customers, find opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, improve the products and services you offer, and make better business decisions. Everyone wins! Keeping response time, as short as possible with secure conversations. 

Private and secure numbers

 When you use our services, your personal number will always be kept private. We’ll never give it out under any circumstances. Calls and messaging will also be kept secure through a 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption.Calls are made using WebRTC technology, which means signaling for call setup is executed using WebSockets via TLS to provide complete privacy and data integrity.

Secure data storage

Your data will be stored in redundant databases across several physical locations for both security and availability purposes. Data backups are conducted on a daily basis (hourly for more high-priority data). All services are protected by Cloudfare. We support data privacy principles such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Say goodbye to spam!

In addition to protecting your privacy, using our secure numbers also means no more spam calls on your personal phone number! (You can thank us later!)

Compatible with existing devices

No need to run out and get a new SIM card, carry two phones, or be tied to your desk. All of our phone support services work on your existing devices. 

Easy stress-free set-up

You’ll be up and running with your new business phone number in less than one minute, without any service interruptions to phones. You can even port over your existing business number for no additional charge.

Local and toll-free number options

Set up multiple numbers for different teams or use cases. Choose from US, Canadian, or North America prefixes.

Long Distance Calling

Ask us about our affordable long-distance options, allowing you to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere. 

Easy to use interface

Our system makes it easy to distinguish a personal call from a business one, ensuring that calls are routed properly. You’ll always know what number an incoming call is for, even with multiple numbers. You can also set your own business hours (no calls when you’re not working), mute specific numbers, and go on Do Not Disturb on demand. Calls can also be transferred and forwarded with ease. Call recording services are also available upon request.


Phone Call Packages

 Starting at $249.90/month + tax.

Hire a professional answering service now
and get a 5 star service
experience every time.

Included in our packages:
● A Customer Service Specialist
● Local VOIP or Toll Free Phone Number
● (IVR) Interactive Voice Response
● Voicemail
● Text Message Automation Response

Don’t want a monthly commitment?
Lets chat! Additional hourly packages available upon request.