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Tax Returns

Professional returns. Minimized tax obligations. No more headaches. Expert advice. No more stress. Just organized peace of mind.

Payroll Processing

No more missed deadlines. No more late payroll tax filings. Minimized errors and omissions. Stress-free paydays. Happy employees.

Invoice Processing

Say goodbye to angry suppliers. Say hello to timely payments. Enjoy efficiency. Take pride in accuracy. Avoid pesky discrepancies.

Our Bookkeeping Services:

Day-to-day processing

Having an eye on everything! With our experts in the driver’s seat of your daily, weekly, and monthly accounting tasks, you’ll enjoy improved accuracy and efficiency of your books. Our services include refreshing and updating financial data, reconciling cash and receipts, reviewing and reconciling transactions, recording and categorizing expenses and inventory, paying vendors, tracking budgets, and more. 

Easy collaboration and document sharing

Our team uses online collaboration and data-sharing tools that make working together easy, whether you’re located close by or millions of miles away. Our robust online accounting platforms allow us to access your accounts on the go, analyze your business data to uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses, and help you better prepare for the future. 

Integrated systems and leading technology

Our state of the art systems and technologies standardize the procedures for recording transactions and disseminating financial information and interconnect the reporting activities of the different functional areas in your business. Our system furnishes information on project, job, and operation costs as well as organizational profits and losses.

Seamless and consistent service

Working hard behind the scenes, our team of experts will ensure that you get regular updates on your financial reports, never fall behind on your payment schedules, have time to focus on running your business, and most importantly, continual peace of mind that your finances are in order.

Something about an effective, collaborative experience of working with us. At SendMe Tasks, money management is our friend. So are you. And together we’ll be an unstoppable team, showing your business expenses and books who’s boss. Our services also include:

Accounts Payable

– Matching and entering invoices
– Entering, posting, and reconciling documents
– Researching and resolving accounts payable and accounts receivable issues
– Updating and reconciling the sub-ledger to the general ledger.

Accounts Receivable

– Preparation, posting and recording of customer payments and transactions
– Creating invoices and submitting to customers
– Maintaining and updating customer files (name or addresses changes, mergers or mailing attentions)

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

– Advice and planning

Monthly Report Generation

– Profit and Loss
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow Statement
– Accounts Receivable Aging
– Accounts Payable Aging


10 Hours

Starting at $400/month + tax.


Custom Requests

Quotable upon request.


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