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I sent SendMe Tasks a request to update my resume and Sherri was very fast and efficient, she had it back to me within 24 hours. I highly recommend Send Me Tasks. 

- Susan P

I find SendMe Tasks to be creative, timely, conscientious and overall an asset to my team.

I encourage you to use their services. I can’t say enough about them! 

Give them a call as you would be surprised on how much they can take off your plate; which allows you to focus on growing your business!

- Susan T

Our Services

Social Media

We have social media packages to assist with every stage of your business. 

From "Create Your Own Content" packages to premium content specifically made for you, we can make your business stand out while you do what matters most!

More often than not, business owners find themselves wondering what they can share. How much is too personal? Is this too pushy for a sale? Its easy to get stuck on these questions and then not take action! One thing to keep in mind: If we don't do, we are never able to grow.

Start small, take chances!

Video Creation

Looking to gain more exposure through video?

Video is a fantastic platform as it allows your customers to see intimately what you're all about without actually meeting you. They get to see the depth of your business and over time learn to trust your expertise.

Our team has not only created commercial spots that have aired on national television but have assisted many small businesses in achieving exposure. 

We are confident that creating superior content will help you reach your ideal customer easier! 


Stuck doing the same day to day tasks for your business?

Our team has over 30 years of office  administration experience. From document creation, CRM management and email support, we can help your business strive and thrive while you can focus on growth and business sustainability.

We understand that running a business is hard and sometimes daunting. More often then not, we are doing things that are not our skill set or have no interest in. Its imperative that these things are done well and efficiently, not neglected and slapped together. 


Offer Has Expired!

Not sure if Virtual Assistance is right for you!?


1. Using a Virtual Assistant Actually Saves You Money

2. Using A Virtual Assistant Saves You Time

3. A Virtual Assistant is Less Hassle Than Hiring In-House

4. You Can Use a Virtual Assistant As Needed

5. Having A Virtual Assistant Increases Your Productivity and Helps Avoid Burn Out

Sign up today and receive 15% off your first month with us! 

*Some conditions apply. 

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